What is Logistics ?

Logistics for the most of people means food or other materials needed for everyday purposes or other purposes. This kind of thinking exactly same as mine 13 years ago when I became a Logistics staff … my background is Industrial Engineering so I was “blind” about logistics.

I think Wikipedia has a pretty good explanation about Logistics. Let us see the explanation as follows:

Logistics is the art and science, goods, energy, information, and other resources, such as products, services, and people, from the source of production to the market with the aim of optimizing the use of capital. Manufacturing and marketing will be difficult to do without the logistical support. Logistics also includes the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, reverse logistics and packaging.

Based on the above understanding, the logistics mission is “getting the right goods, at the right time, the right amount, the right conditions, at an affordable cost, while still contributing to the profit of logistics service providers”.

Therefore, logistics is always struggling in finding a balance for 2 things very difficult for the synergized, with costs as low as possible but still maintain the level of service quality and customer satisfaction. In the ever-changing business world, good logistics management is a must.

Logistics word comes from the Greek logos (λόγος) meaning “ratio, word, calculation, reason, speech, oration”. The word logistics has its origin from the French word for loger is lodged or provide. Origin usefulness was to explain the science of the movement, supply and maintenance of military forces in the field. Later it was used to describe the management of the flow of goods in an organization, from raw materials into finished goods.

Logistics is considered to have evolved from the concept that the military needs to meet their inventory when they went to war from headquarters. In the Greek empire, Roman and Byzantine ancient, there are military officers with the title of ‘Logistikas’, which is responsible for distribution and inventory financing the war.

Oxford English Dictionary described logistics as “the branch of military science relating to procuring, maintaining and transporting materiel, personnel and facilities.” Other definition is “the time-related positioning of resources.” Therefore, logistics is commonly seen as a branch of engineering that generally make the “human system” rather than “machine systems”.

If I try to explain briefly above explanation from Wikipedia, it can be said that logistics is the management of the flow from one place to another. There are still a lot of explanation about what is logistics from experts and specialists, but I think the explanation from Wikipedia has been able to describe the outline of logistics. Going forward we will discuss more deeply about what is logistics.

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